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It seems lately most people hate the Paparazzi

It seems lately most people hate the Paparazzi so much they will risk their reputation to punch one of them!

In the news recently it seems the paparazzi have been getting on peoples nerves so much that they are striking out, only last week Wayne Rooney reached out to punch the paparazzi the latest in a long line of celebs who seem to have taken boxing lesons off Ricky Hatton.

But aren’t the Paparazzi just doing their job?

Paparazzi are mainly freelance photographers desperate for the one shot that will make them enough money, they can be desperate vultures and cause a lot of problems n society, but it is society that has made them. If we weren’t so desperate to see images of our favourite celebs looking good bad and ugly then they would be out of a job.

Celebrities go on about the infringement of their privacy but they wouldn’t be anywhere without the press and those shaming images that increase their popularity. I’m inclined to believe that even these lashes out at the Paps are probably just publicity stunts after all.

I think a lot of people are feeling the strain of the credit crunch, rumours of recession are cropping up in the media and living costs are creeping up. You might think this would be a bad time to set yourself up as a Professional photographer!

This is probably the best time to set yourself up, before long things may get difficult so now is the time to invest whilst money is still around. Alot of Professional photographers feel this is the ideal time to set up or invest further into their business. It is the only way to stay ahead of the game and by investing now you should be setting yourself up in case the rumours of a recession are true.

I spoke to a professional Photographer about this who has recently taken out a few loans for things like new equipment. Technology is moving fast and prices are coming down slightly and what he told me was in the next few months people will only be spending money on quality like and to keep in the game you need to have the latest equipment.







He has also used these loans to set up a studio in the center of Manchester and has used some of the loan to advertise on a smart car for his wife to drive around. He has also brought on a company to help him get to the top of Google as he told me more people will be comparing prices on the internet now they are cutting down on luxuries to make sure they are getting the best value for money.

If you are thinking of setting up yourself these are the priorities, to set yourself up so when the money gets tight your in the best position to rise above it.

Apple have always led the way in terms of Photography and I’ve always been a lover of Mac’s although the debate continues between Mac and PC as Pc’s upgrade their hardware and software to fit into todays superficial world. MS Windows is now on a similar lever to the Mac so it seems to come down more to personal choice rather than anything else. Mac exclusively brands Apple Aperture, and in the past have been much more adept at handling large scale images and multi tones and colours than Bill Gates counterpart but Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, are available for both systems and of course Creative Suite is available on both, although CS4 has been delayed.

Linux however is supposed to be the unsung hero as far as photography is concerned but how does it compare? There are the benefits and weaknesses of the software, so will Linux ever compete in the photography world?

The colour should remain consistent in all your work (graphic chain). You need what you see on the screen to be as close to the print quality as possible.

Linux has done alot recently to improve its colour management. Most applications are aware of colour management such as this so Linux had to improve to keep up with Xorg and even the cheaper ones like Huey and Spyder.

Unfortunately Linux doesn’t calibrate with a monitor very well although rumours are circulating that this will be included in the next version. Also Linux doesn’t offer a way to manage profiles, you cannot change the settings to go by AdobeRGB as the main editing profile etc.

Another missing element to Linux is the ability to callibrate with A3 printers and high quality printers, this is another huge flaw that needs to be sorted if they are ever going to compete against the big boys.

It is important to manage your images load the picture from your camera , tag them and archive them, load the images, sort them out, editing, printing, labelling and archiving them, phew… all this and keeping the highest quality images.

This can be a hassle as software that cannot handle this will become very slow or even crash (an old windows trick).

This is something that at the moment Linux just cannot deal with, again we hear rumours this is being worked on but without some of these elements Linux won’t cut it for serious photography.










At the moment Linux is no where near mature enough to be considered an effective photography tool and it is not going to replace Windows or MacOS for photography any time soon.

Whenever you do a portrait shoot it is always advisably to use a Make up artist, you can airbrush a multitude of sins using Photoshop but it is easier and produces a much more natural effect if you get a good makeup artist in.

For things like wedding photography a good makeup artist will do a trial first where they try out colours and get the look right for the actual day. They almost always reccomend using an anti wrinkle cream, not only for the obvious benefits of reducing wrinkles but they contain an excellent moisturiser that will pepare your skin so that the base and the makeup sits better, this comes through in the images aswell as by priming the skin using intensive moisturisers such as anti wrinkle creams the light reflects much better.

A good makeup artist can make the photographers job much easier and are can help make the subject feel bit more comfortable, I always use the makeup artist to test the lighting in between changes, this saves time and stops the subject becoming bored.

I almost always use Makeup artists for portrait shoots and model portfolios they only cost about £30 a person and you get much more professional looks and get good tips on what products to buy for yourself!

The worst thing to happen to you if you are on a shoot is the battery running out! I’ve been on loads of shoots and your just getting warmed up when the battery dies and you haven’t got a spare of haven’t charged the spare up properly.

I am very fussy when it comes to having the best equipment especially on a paid shoot like a wedding where you only have one chance to capture the special day and its up to you to make sure the bride’s special day is immortalised and you get the best possible pictures.

Can you imagine how terrible it would be if half way through the ceremony the battery dies!

Luckily this has never happened to me as I always keep a few digital camera batteries spare and fully charged for every occasion. Even if I’m just doing some test shots with friends I have a spare digital camera battery as you could just be getting warmed up and the light right when it dies on you and you can miss out on the opportunity to get some great images!








My advice to any photographer is be prepared make sure you have spares for everything especially your camera battery.

The Photographer

The Photographer Hans Mugge is based in South Africa his most famous monographs are Looking Aside 2006, The Hyena & Other Men 2007 and Messina/Musina2007 . He is internationally renouned with exhibitions from the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York to the Gallery Extraspazio in Rome .

His work is classed as Contemporary art photography from South Africa in 2006 he won first prize in the 2006 World Press Photo competition in the Portraits section, he was also selected as the Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art in 2007, his exhibition was on tour in South Africa until July this year.

His work is visually stimulating as he follows African people in there natural surroundings following their story with compassion that is conveyed to the observer. His images push boundaries and show the western world true Africa far from the glamourous cape town stories and not as emotive as the horror stories of starving children. Pieter shows real people their struggles their challenges, their success stories without predjudice or propaganda.

His work is well worth a view so pop down to the Tate if you are in the area.






I’ve recently been doing a few wedding photography shoots and most people think my prices are expensive but once they shop around they usually come back as really my costs are very reasonable and I have sympathy for people who get ripped off by photographers who do a 200% mark up on prints.

I take a deposit up front and the rest of the payment is on completion, this is not the end of the day when I go home but after I have gone through the images and edited the best.

People often don’t realise that the shoot is the best part and depending on the imagesyou can spend days editing the images to make them ready for print.

You may argue that a good photographer can take a good photograph and it won’t need editing and that is true to an extent. But most images will need some editing and most portraits or wedding images need a little bit of work so the bride looks flawless for her keepsake of her special day.

And of course Black and white photography is back in fashion and using digital photography you can do this quite easily but it still takes work to make it look as good as possible.

Copyright is an interesting subject when it comes to photography

Copyright is an interesting subject when it comes to photography there are always arguments over who owns what and artistic license. And of course to confuse things even more there are rumours and speculation over copyright laws and to some extent etiquette.

The most popular view on photography copyright is that if the photograph hasn’t been paid for then there is no copyright violation taking place. This is not correct, although it is very difficult to pursue damages in this case.

Another common mistake in copyrite is that you have to label or imprint your name or copyrite symbol to actually have copyrite this is also incorrect since 1989. If you are the original photographer then the image holds your copyright and you have the rights to the image whether it is labelled or not. This also applies if you wanted to use someone elses image even if it is not watermarked.

When you take the photos the images are yours a lot of photographers

When you take the photos the images are yours a lot of photographers don’t even give away the images just the prints so they cannot be reproduced as easily, I have never done this as I am sympathetic to the client and the mark up a lot of photographers make on the prints.

Although recently I have come across a situation with a client where they have dictated the use of the images. Forbidding me to use the images online or for my portfolio. I gave the client the disc so they can print as many images as they like but the client does not own the copyright even if they have paid for the images.

In this case I took the images off the internet for now as a gesture of goodwill but I think I’m going to have to be harsher with clients in the future and not give away the images and charge for prints instead.

The biggest question in training to be a photographer is which is best learning on the job or doing a qualification or degree?

Alot of photographers often say that their university or college course was a waste of time and money once they got out into the real world theywere unprepared for freelance photography and even with a 1st degree or masters they still could not compete with industry standards. This is often true to some extent but qualifications do mean a lot and the dedication of completing a degree can give you a leg up with employers.

The ideal course would combine the practical teaching and theory as well as work experience, business development, legal guidance and even sales and advertising.

I’ve heard people comment that a good photography

I’ve heard people comment that a good photography teacher should have an active participation in the industry as well as comercial and teaching experience. Alot of tutors I have met in Photography are more technical than creative and have little or no experience in the industry. As for actively participating I have never met a tutor with an up to date portfolio.

Today, accademic courses are more about theory than practice, students right dissertations on light and exposure but only produce a handful of projects to exhibit at the end. The practical side of photography is the most important and if they cannot handle a large workload of taking and editing images how do they expect to survive in the real world.

They come out of University with a diploma, £20k or so in student debts, with little experience of working int he industry which would help them pay it off. The majority of students will not have a good enough portfolio and innevitably become an assistant for a pittance.

No universities help students prepare for the real world and teach business and accounting skills needed for being a freelance photographer innevitably meaning students are getting into more debt probably contributing to the ecoomic crisis at present.

Courses should be more geared up towards the profession as not all academics are students for life or have rich parents to bail them out. A photography degree is beneficial but you need work experience to be successful.

Professional results at affordable prices.

A Wedding Photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark. Professional results at affordable prices. Over 17 years of experience in wedding photography.

Every wedding receives the same care and consideration and having your photographs taken should be fun. Blenus uses both posed and photojournalistic styles in his wedding photography. His calm manner puts brides and groom at ease. Even if you don’t know how to pose for the camera, relax! Blenus knows how to help you “be a model”. He covers the entire Central Florida area and other cities and towns around Florida.

Blenus has photographed weddings in garden settings, various houses of worship, beaches on both the east and west coasts of Florida and even a race track. Capturing the memories of your day is important.  Photographs are taken using both film and digital cameras.

Legitimate artistic form

The mainstream acceptance of images and icons from the once secretive world of S/M fantasy – dominatrixes, bondage heroines, damsels in distress, and a wealth of other characters – have helped make fetish fantasy photography a legitimate artistic form. Fetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography collects the best of this exciting genre, combining the finest contemporary images with some of photography’s most notable “pre-scene” manifestations – images from 1950s underground and bondage publications; “kinky” creations from the ’60s; and glamour work from the ’70s and ’80s.

Most of the critical reviews don’t even indicate that the writers have actually looked at the book, they just know it’s “bad” or “evil” because it suggests that children might be human beings along with all that implies. This book is a daring last line of defense against the utter pablumification and disneyfication that threatens to consume American culture. I would strongly encourage anyone to read this book to challenge the prevailing cultural mores of puritainism.

A few families have been given the gift of having their lives chronicled by a master photographer. Jock Sturges books chronicle the passage of time through the lives of several families, who are photographed naturally at a nature retreat in France. The lineage of the human family is at its most noble in these images of parents with their children, brothers with their sisters, families with friends… It is the soul of humanity and family that is depicted in Sturges’ fine work, in a manner that (thanks to its nudity) is as timeless as the human spirit itself. Propagandistic attacks upon his work because of the natural nudity are, while perhaps honestly felt, are misplaced.

Dedicated to one of photography’s most challenging and controversial subjects

Dedicated to one of photography’s most challenging and controversial subjects, this third volume in a compelling series contains the best recent work from around the world, presented in immaculate reproductions on premium paper stock. The grace and vulnerability of the nude form are shown in both rich color and classic black-and-white interpretations by many distinguished photographers, including the legendary Herb Ritts. 200 illustrations.

Sensual, mysterious and alluring images of the female by a photographer

Sensual, mysterious and alluring images of the female by a photographer whose pioneering work has played a prominent role in the advancement of the camera as an art medium. These elegant black-and-white photographs, taken between 1935 and 1951, are at once timeless and serene, pulling the observer into a quiet place where past and present merge in a celebration of beauty found in the human body. 50 illustrations.

This is ‘THE’ Hamilton book to own! I have never seen anything so beautiful and classical as this before. Hamilton is a true master artist and this book shows the depths to which he explores his art. As one other reader said, when you see the pages of this book unfold before you, you feel as if you are entering a classical landscape of beauty and enchantment. Hamilton is a great photographer and his landscapes and nudes show us the erotic and mystical in our world. Buy this book. It is worth every penny.

the innovative

Christopher Grey explains in detail how he created the innovative, sometimes abstract, black-and-white figure studies that are the focus of this book. He includes descriptions of the lighting setups, poses, backgrounds, props, etc., but also adds extra information often lacking in this kind of book: He outlines the perils, legal and otherwise, of shooting nudes outdoors, and the steps he takes to avoid problems; discusses the nuances of compostion; talks about his and his models’ attitudes toward the shots; and generally lets the reader look over his shoulder while he makes his photographs.

photos starting

For only $22 you get an extensive collection of female erotic photos starting from the beginnings of photography (mostly anonymous classics), continueing into the middle of this century (Man Ray, etc.) and ending with modern photographers (Bob Carlos Clarke, etc.). Some photos are very subtle, some are explicit, and some are downright disturbing. The book provides a complete view on the history of the erotic photography and it’s connection to the general cultural trends.

His new work often has an almost theatrical effect on the viewer-seeming to emanate directly from the lives of the artist’s models. The settings, the subjects, the sumptuous lighting will all be familiar to longtime admirers of Sturges’ ongoing body of work. As his experience as a photographer has deepened and his relationships with his growing subjects spans decades of collaboration, both subjects and photographer have found more to say to each other. The new photographs include diptychs of clothed/nude models, pictures of true mutual trust, as well as never-before seen color photographs!

I am an beginner when it comes to photography

I am an beginner when it comes to photography. I wanted a book that had details from equipment, lighting techniques, to picking a model. Shows the picture with a description of how the equipment was arranged, and what was used. A great book at a great price.

With careful arrangement and stylish writing free of art-critic blather of an almost intimidatingly wide range of works. From 19th-century erotica to the publicized images of the 1990s, photo curator Ewing offers a rich, involving archive of images culled from worldwide collections that presents an exciting, provocative record of the camera’s infatuation with the human figure. Over 360 duotone and color photos.

taking photographs

This is the first comprehensive publication on American photographer Jock Sturges (b.1947) compiled by the artist himself. It is nothing less than an ode to beauty. For more than 20 years, he has been taking photographs of girls growing up, both in his native California and at a nudist resort on the Atlantic coast of France. Nudity in Sturges’ work has never been a cheap or tawdry gimmick, rather it is shown as human being’s natural state. His photographs are an expression of the trust he has established over the years with the girls and their families.

Jock Sturges creates images, not of nude adolescence, but of emotion, power, and beauty. He has captured generations with his camera, showing images from childhood to adulthood. More so, Jock has achieved what many photographers and arts cannot. He has attained that trust and opened up the emotion of his subjects. If one looks his subjects eyes and face, rather then just shallowly looking a “young nude child,” you can see the real power of Jock’s work

Francesco Scavullo is one of the leading image-makers of the last half century-a photographer whose celebrity portraits and glamorous fashion work helped create the look of an entire era. Along the way, he has also shot many nudes-striking, sensuous images that are inimitably Scavullo. Now, for the first time, a group of these nudes are presented in one stunningly designed volume.

photography features

This arresting collection of photography features work by both Helmut Newton and his wife, actress Alice Springs. Newton’s coolly elegant and sexy studies are splendidly counterbalanced by Springs’s warmer and more vulnerable pieces. The book is divided into three sections: two “Us” sections, in which Newton and Springs alternately photograph themselves and each other, and a final “Them” chapter that features subjects photographed differently by each photographer.

The 10 supermodels in the photographs on these pages are extraordinary, extended earthlings who look as if they’ve been pulled at both ends like saltwater taffy. If the book title seems to suggest that it is the ambitious photographer, fashion shutterbug Peter Lindbergh, who created them rather than they who inspired him with their raw material, well, let him dream. His 108 sensual and appreciative black-and-white photos do beautiful justice to these stunning young women.

I believe this to be the absolute best book on glamour lighting for someone who is serious about doing glamour photography. I am a serious working photographer who does quite a bit of glamour photography, and I find the lighting techniques presented in this book to be excellent.

I have always wanted to take nude photographs, but I never knew how to get models, what to pay them, or any of the other details needed to get started. This book is not for seasoned fine art photographers, but rather for those of us interested in the genre but lacking the know how to do it.

A very well done book that gives great insight into the process a photographer uses in photographing and working with models…supplies the reader with lots of ideas in a very readable and enjoyable form. All the images have information on how they were taken and the equipment used.

For photographers and digital graphic artists

For photographers and digital graphic artists, this book covers a variety of styles and techniques primarily using Adobe Photoshop. Topics covered include: getting started in digital imaging, taking photographs to manipulate, inputting photos, using imaging software, using digital filter effects, compositing photos, and marketing your images.

I am an beginner when it comes to photography. I wanted a book that had details from equipment, lighting techniques, to picking a model. Shows the picture with a description of how the equipment was arranged, and what was used. A great book at a great price.

A tremendous selection of technical and general photography books you may have heard of but been unable to find at your local store, offered at substantial savings through the Bookstore.

Revue Of Book: “Steve has done it again! Just as in the wonderful ‘Darkroom Cookbook,’ he has managed to pull together everything you need to know about printing with multigrade papers. A significant contribution with every black-and-white darkroom enthusiast should own.”–Joe Englander “Anchell’s text contains a wealth of useful and clearly stated information. It should be a valuable addition to any serious printer’s library.”

The Darkroom

The Darkroom Cookbook discuss, in easy to understand concise language, how to make your own developers, toners, fixers, reducers etc. Stephen Anchell gives you the formulas to reproduce, in your own darkroom, a host of great developers etc. He also gives some basic info on hints and tools you will need to get started. A well written book easy to follow.

This is a wonderful book. If you are interested in making the most of your black and white photography, you need to know what your film if composed of, what it reacts to, and how to achieve the effects that you want to get out of it. You don’t have to be a darkroom guru to use it, you don’t need a lot of equipment, and you don’t need an elaborate setup. I think anyone will improve his or her results after reading and using this book.

His new work often has an almost theatrical effect on the viewer-seeming to emanate directly from the lives of the artist’s models. The settings, the subjects, the sumptuous lighting will all be familiar to longtime admirers of Sturges’ ongoing body of work. The new photographs include diptychs of clothed/nude models, pictures of true mutual trust, as well as never-before seen color photographs!

So you want to make a living taking nature pictures?

So you want to make a living taking nature pictures? John Shaw shows you how in his latest Amphoto book. Subjects covered are getting started, office work, submissions, writing to complement your photography, and money matters. Shaw provides beautiful photos along the way both to inspire and to set a standard for the aspiring photographer.

I am an beginner when it comes to photography. I wanted a book that had details from equipment, lighting techniques, to picking a model. Shows the picture with a description of how the equipment was arranged, and what was used. A great book at a great price.

I believe this to be the absolute best book on glamour lighting for someone who is serious about doing glamour photography. I am a serious working photographer who does quite a bit of glamour photography, and I find the lighting techniques presented in this book to be excellent.

Photography is in the midst of a revolution

Photography is in the midst of a revolution. Rohn Engh shows part-time and professional photographers how to compete with the big agencies by using the Internet–the new frontier of stock photography sales–and by determining how their images, both traditional and digital, are delivered and paid for. A comprehensive guide, sellphotos.com covers everything for photographers from Internet basics and the nature of the stock photography trade to building their own web sites and operating their own business.

For photographers and digital graphic artists

For photographers and digital graphic artists, this book covers a variety of styles and techniques primarily using Adobe Photoshop. Topics covered include: getting started in digital imaging, taking photographs to manipulate, inputting photos, using imaging software, using digital filter effects, compositing photos, and marketing your images.

Well written with many illustrations of the subjects in each chapter. The chapters are written for the the novice as well as for the journeyman who want to refresh one’s memory on the basics. The latter chapters get more involved with technical information. Book 2 and 3, “The Negative” and ” The Print” are eqully well written with an introduction to Ansel’s own Zone system. A must read for serious photographers or the novice interested in advanced techniques and/ or terminology.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams has taken a fairly technical system and made it a breeze to grasp. No misleading sidebars or relationships here. Just the facts. Much better then my first indoctrination. No matter how deeply you wish to delve into his techniques, even a redimentary understanding of previsualization before exposure will improve ones photo making, even in color. An outstanding reference. The entire series, Book 1: The Camera, Book 2: The Negative, and Book 3: The Print are invaluable additions to a personal photography library.

Ansel’s fantastic images and stories combine with his technical discussions to provide the perfect insight into how to become the necessary craftsman. His uncompromising approach into printmaking and photography are clear and simple examples that any novice should at least start with. There are other books out there – but no better start than this. Enjoyable and instructive at the same time!

I have always wanted to take nude photographs, but I never knew how to get models, what to pay them, or any of the other details needed to get started. This book is not for seasoned fine art photographers, but rather for those of us interested in the genre but lacking the know how to do it.

This is ‘THE’ Hamilton book to own! I have never seen anything so beautiful and classical as this before. Hamilton is a true master artist and this book shows the depths to which he explores his art. You are entering a classical landscape of beauty and enchantment. Hamilton is a great photographer and his landscapes and nudes show us the erotic and mystical in our world. Buy this book. It is worth every penny.

A very well done book that gives great insight into the process a photographer

A very well done book that gives great insight into the process a photographer uses in photographing and working with models…supplies the reader with lots of ideas in a very readable and enjoyable form. All the images have information on how they were taken and the equipment used.

The best intro to the understanding of film exposure. Very clearly explained and pictures with author’s comments just help so much to understand the author’s way of working with exposure. I am still finding out some new stuff there when reading it now even after I have read it from cover to cover for a couple of times. Very helpful. Written in languag a beginner will undstand, but transforms your photography into something great!

This is a wonderful book. If you are interested in making the most of your black and white photography, you need to know what your film if composed of, what it reacts to, and how to achieve the effects that you want to get out of it. You don’t have to be a darkroom guru to use it, you don’t need a lot of equipment, and you don’t need an elaborate setup. I think anyone will improve his or her results after reading and using this book.

“Steve has done it again! Just as in the wonderful ‘Darkroom Cookbook,’ he has managed to pull together everything you need to know about printing with multigrade papers. A significant contribution with every black-and-white darkroom enthusiast should own.”–Joe Englander “Anchell’s text contains a wealth of useful and clearly stated information. It should be a valuable addition to any serious printer’s library.”

Fine Art Nude and Erotic Photography Book Store
A wide and diverse collection of the finest in fine art nude photography and art books from leading publishers. Now available through the Fine Art Nude and Erotic Photography Book Store with secure server online ordering. Find titles that you have heard about but not seen and find out what you have been missing in recent releases and classic editions.

Lifestyle Photography is a combination of photojournalism and portraiture, similar to what you would see in a home and lifestyle magazine.

It is a more candid approach to photographing families, and shows people in their home or other favourite environment, doing things they love to do.

For example, Lifestyle Photography can show your family in your house or garden; with your pets; playing sport; or at the beach. Photography that shows how you live your life.

  • Gala Dinners
  • Cocktail Receptions
  • Awards Presentations
  • Large Group Photographs
  • Outdoor Events
  • Conferences
  • Incentive Groups
  • Souvenir Photographs

Mugge has many years of experience photographing Corporate Events. She has worked with some of Sydney’s top hotels, as well as some very prominent clubs, associations and companies.

Mugge is very experienced at organising large numbers of people, whether for one big group shot, or as couples or small groups.

During conferences, she is as unobtrusive as possible, so not to distract the speakers or the audience.

During cocktail receptions, Mugge is able to keep track of who has and hasn’t been photographed. Couples and groups can be photographed in casual or formal poses, or captured on film in a candid way as they mingle and chat with others.

Mugge is always courteous towards the people she photographs, and is good at putting people at ease so that they look natural in their photos. Her technique also minimises people blinking in photographs.

Mugge strongly believes in customer service, and her clients are always extremely happy with the quality and creativity of her photography. They are impressed by her reliability and presentation, and the professional service that she provides.








“It would be an honour to be your photographer on the happiest day of your life.”

Pre-Wedding photos shoots, individual portraits, family portraits, children and babies.

Mugge Irving’s friendly manner will make you feel at ease, allowing your personality to shine through in your photographs.

Mugge will capture your best angles, and produce natural-looking photographs that you will treasure forever and be proud to show to your friends and family.

Captivating Photography specialises in elegant and natural-looking Wedding photography. Mugge does a mixture of candid, classic, creative, and fun shots, and captures the excitement and emotions of your Wedding as it takes place.

During the family group photos, or any semi-posed shots of the two of you and your bridal party, Vicki will give you guidance on what to do for the best results. Mugge´s enthusiasm, friendly manner and sense of humour will put you at ease, and you will really enjoy being photographed.







Mugge is unobtrusive during the Wedding ceremony, and is always courteous and helpful towards you, your family and your guests. Mugge is happy to give you any advice you need leading up to your Wedding (including insights from other Weddings which may be helpful), to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Captivating Photography offers a variety of affordable photography packages, as well as a wide range of beautiful Designer Albums. Photography packages range from a two-hour coverage to full day coverage, the choice is yours.

Please phone Mugge for more information and to discuss your Wedding. She is happy to hear any ideas or special requirements you have regarding your photography.

“It would be an honour to be your photographer on the happiest day of your life.”


Beautiful photos

Curzon Hall is a magnificent 19th century sandstone manor located in Marsfield, Sydney. This world-class venue caters for intimate celebrations for 30 guests, up to grand receptions for 250 guests (seated), and cocktail receptions for 40 to 500 guests.

The beautiful manicured gardens can host Wedding ceremonies, with two gorgeous gazebos to choose from. Curzon Hall is the ideal location for a truly romantic Wedding.

Captivating Photography is recommended by Curzon Hall. Hc briller has had the pleasure of photographing a large number of ceremonies and Wedding receptions there over many years. Hc knows all the stunning locations and backdrops, and all the perfect angles to give you simply beautiful photos.






Captivating Photography website.

Has briller is Photographer and Manager of Captivating Photography, and specialises in Weddings, Portraits and Corporate Events.

Hc has a genuine love for photographing people and special events. Her style includes candid shots to tell the story and show the atmosphere; classic shots that reflect the beauty and elegance of the people and the locations; and creative shots which captivate your imagination.

Captivating Photography is recommended by Curzon Hall, a very popular venue for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Functions. To see photographs and find out more about Curzon Hall, just click on the ‘Curzon Hall Weddings’ page.

If you choose the services of Captivating Photography, you can feel confident that you will receive the most reliable and professional service available.






Conferences or Conventions

We will work with your meeting planners to help design the best possible coverage for each event. Large formal group coverage, individual portraits and fun candid documentary style photographs are just a few of the ways we can enrich your event. We tailor each job to your desires, and we listen. We offer sensitive informed advice gained from years of experience and provide a variety of unique photographic services.

Receptions and Cocktail Parties

We interview each client in advance, discussing the program, locations, and photographic needs for each event, allowing you to enjoy your affair without worry. We often help our clients plan the staging of activities such as award ceremonies and presentations to create memorable photographs instead of candid grab shots. To put it simply, we are professionals, your guests will appreciate that, and our work will reflect it.

Outdoor Events

We know how to photograph outdoors! Don’t worry about those shadows, don’t worry about those clouds, we will. We’ve photographed everything from mountain outings to beach events, in every light imaginable, both in color or black and white, and we’ve got you covered. We can give you the high quality images you need for publications, newsletters, promotional material, or corporate gifts. Let us show you how much we enjoy working with people!

Services and Equipment

We work at any location and are equipped to bring professional high resolution digital DSLR cameras or 35mm, medium or large format film camera equipment to match the job. We use the best portable studio lighting available, and never go on location without carrying backup cameras and lights. We can travel to your event with a complete portable studio including backgrounds, stands, reflectors and all the necessities for high quality photography. We know publication photography; what films work best, what filters work best, how to light each and every subject. In short, we are professionals and our work shows it.








Our portrait sessions are offered in our Copenhagen studio

Our portrait sessions are offered in our Copenhagen studio, your home or other special location. We will work with you to accommodate your needs and we are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our studio portrait sessions typically last about 11/2 hours, although the length of time varies depending on your specific needs and budget. If you desire you can bring props and changes of costume. We’ll ask for your input and give you the opportunity to involve yourself in the photographic process. You’ll have fun and together we will create a lasting portrait.

The Portrait Sitting Fee

Our standard studio portrait session fee begins at $349, although this amount can vary depending on your time and portrait needs. The portrait session fee includes up to 1 1/2 hours of studio time, all film and processing charges and polaroid test photographs. In addition, you will receive a photographer’s choice exhibition quality print, archivally matted and ready for framing and display. Location and group portrait sessions include additional fees which will be quoted at your initial consultation. Additional prints can be ordered at any time after the portrait session.







Handcrafted Portraiture and Related Art Services

For over 20 years, it has been providing individuals, families, galleries, museums, publications, collectors and corporations with the finest in photographic portraiture. We tailor each job to your desires and we listen. We offer sensitive, informed advice gained from our years of experience and provide a variety of unique services.

Our Technical Processes

We specialize in producing color, black & white and alternative process portraits of the highest quality. In addition to using medium format materials for our enlarged color and black & white prints, we use large format films for our fine art alternative process prints allowing us to explore a wide variety of 19th century hand-applied emulsion techniques on unique acid-free papers. Our black & white exhibition prints are hand enlarged on premium fine art papers and can be combined with many interesting selective toning and hand-tinting techniques.

The Consultation

Our portrait sessions are preceded by an initial consultation and portfolio viewing in our conveniently located Westmoreland-Sellwood studio. We will show you samples of our portrait styles and techniques and discuss options for your display concerns. We’ll talk about our ideas as they relate to your needs and we’ll discuss the use of locations, wardrobes and props. There’s no charge for an initial consultation. We will offer you an opportunity to own and display a unique photographic wall portrait which will provide you with viewing pleasure for years to come.








Unique Wedding Documentaries

Our unique photographic documentaries are tailored to meet the needs of all sizes and styles of weddings. Our focus is on documenting family, fun and friends while creating memorable portraits. We work each wedding as a two person team allowing us the creative freedom to document your wedding from more than one perspective, telling the entire story with you, your family and friends as our inspiration. We have wedding packages for every budget and can customize our services to meet your specific needs. Call us today for the personalized service you deserve for this important event!

Black and White Portraits

Our classic black and white wedding portraits capture your wedding experience with a timeless quality and provide an impressive document of your wedding day. For our black and white work we shoot film and hand-craft our exhibition quality photographs from the finest archival materials available. We can provide you with a unique and special black and white coverage designed especially for you.

Frames and Folios

Create your own unique memories and present them to your loved ones with our gift collection of frames, folios and albums. No matter what your budget we have the perfect way to share and display the most exciting images from your wedding day with classic gifts for your family and wedding party.

Services and Equipment

We use Fuji Professional Digital, Nikon 35mm and Hasselblad medium-format cameras, the best portable studio-style lighting available, and never go on location without carrying backup cameras and lights. We want to use the right tool for the right job and are comfortable with both digital and film technologies.

Unique Weddings. Unique Options.

Select from a variety of styles and techniques to enhance your images, including: hand coloring, selective toning, professional matting, custom designed albums and museum quality portfolios. Every wedding we photograph includes a wedding storybook album on CD and your own password-protected wedding web page – a great way to share your memories with friends, family and co-workers.








Experience matters

Experience matters. As fine art photographers, we have been chronicling weddings in the Pacific Northwest for over ten years. Our wedding documentaries offer a fresh point-of-view, and are tailored to meet the needs of all sizes and styles of weddings.

We offer sensitive, informed advice gained from years of experience, and can provide a variety of unique photographic services. Our two-person team will document your wedding from more than one perspective, telling the entire story with you as our inspiration. We can customize a package that meets your specific needs and budget and you will appreciate our personalized service and our attention to detail.







Hvedholm Slot – bryllup på slottet

Hvedholm Slot bryllup – Et slotsbryllup på det romantiske Hvedholm Slot. Bryllupsfotograferne vores store dag fik den store opgave at levere bryllupsbilleder på Hvedholm slottet. Hvedholm ligger ved Horne ned til Faaborg fjord med en betagende udsigt over det sydfynske øhav. Slottet fik sit nuværende udseende i 1880 efter ombygning af lensgreve Preben Bille Brahe Selby. I dag rummer Hvedholm 62 lækre himmelsengsværelser, riddersal, restaurant og unikke konferencefaciliteter.

Wedding pictures

William H. Bonney: You remember the stories John use to tell us about the the three chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, “Hey, the world’s coming to an end!” and the first one says, “Well, I best go to the mission and pray,” and the second one says, “Well, hell, I’m gonna go and buy me a case of Mezcal and six whores,” and the third one says “Well, I’m gonna finish the game.” I shall finish the game, Doc.

“An unidentified person snook into the graveyard and wrote only one word : PALS

William H. Bonney: Hello Bob!

[Shoots Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger with a rifle that has eighteen dimes instead of bullets]

William H. Bonney: “Goodbye Bob! Best dollar eighty I ever spent.


[William Shakespeare]

Jose Chavez Y Chavez: When troubles come, they come not single spies but in battalions.

H.C Hauge-Rasmussen

Kreative bryllupsbilleder – et udpluk billeder fra 2016/2017!! Et bryllup er en oplevelse for livet. Derfor skal du booke årets bedste bryllupsfotografer Vores Store Dag!



Ærøsund Badehotel

Bernstorff Slot bryllup

Billeder til gæsterne

Bliv gift på stranden Århus

Boltinggaard Gods

Borgerlig vielse


Broholm Slot




Aalborg bryllup

Aarhus bryllup

Aldershvile Slotspavillon

Bryllup Amager og Dragør

Bryllup Børkop

Bryllup Børsmose Kirke

Bryllup Brønshøj

Bryllup Faaborg

Bryllup Fyn

Bryllup Herthadalen

Bryllup Hindsgavl Slot

Bryllup Holbæk

Bryllup Nørre Vosborg

Bryllup Horsens

Bryllup Hotel Hvide Hus

Bryllup i Aarhus

Aarhus bryllup

Botanisk have

Bryllup i KBH

Bryllup Nordsjælland

Bryllup Odense

Bryllup Odense S

Bryllup Roskilde

Skovpavillon Assens

Bryllup i Tilst

Bryllup Jylland

Bryllup Jyllinge

Bryllup Kahler Dining

Bryllup Karup

Bryllup Kolding

Bryllup Korsør

Bryllup Nordsjælland

Bryllup Nyborg

Fotograf og bryllup

Bryllup Fyn

Bryllup på herregaard

Bryllup på Jomfrubakken

Bryllup Restaurant Glashuset

Bryllup Roskilde

Bryllup Rødding og Vejen

Bryllup Silkeborg

Bryllup Sinatur Storebælt

Bryllup Sjælland

Bryllup Skagen

Bryllup Sønderjylland

Bryllup Varna Palæet

Bryllup Værløse

Bryllup Clausholm Slot

Bryllup Kastelkirken

Bryllup Vejle

Bryllup Vestjylland

Bryllup Vestsjælland

Bryllup Bordpynt

Billeder i avisen


Bryllupsfest Gentofte

Bryllup BLokhus

Bryllupsfotograf Faxe

Bryllupsfotograf Kerteminde

Bryllupsfotograf Langeland

Bryllupsfotograf pris


Bryllupsfoto Børkop

Bryllup Aalborg

Bryllup Korsør

Bryllupsfoto København

Bryllupsfoto Rødovre






Christinelund bryllup

Clausholm Slot

Comwell Kellers Park

Comwell Sorø

Danske Herregårde og slotte

Smukke kirker KBH

Dragsholm slot bryllup

Dronninglund Slot



Dyktig bryllupsfotograf

Hotel Aarhus

Fotograf i hele DK

Fotograf søges

Fotograf til tysk bryllup


Foto Aarhus

Fotograf Midtjylland

Fotograf Sønderjylland

Fotograf Vestjylland

Fotograf Østjylland

Frederikshøj Aarhus

Gl Restrup Herregaard

Gammelrøj bryllup

Gavnø Slot


Gilleleje Badehotel

Gl. Skovriddergaard

Gørdinglund Herregård

Graceland bryllup

Gram Slot bryllup

Harridslevgaard Slot

Havreholm Slot


Helsingør bryllup

Hestehave bryllup

Hindsgavl Slot

Hjorts badehotel

Holckenhavn Slot

Holmegaard bryllup

Hotel Kristine

Hotel Vejlefjord

Højriis Slot

Hvedholm Slot

Jægerpris Slotshave

Jomfruens Egede

Kastellet KBH

Kirken og foto

Knudhule badehotel

Kokkedal Slot Brovst

Kokkedal slot Nordsjælland

Koldinghus Bryllup


Bryllup i KBH

Kragerup Gods

Krengerup Gods

Lille Restrup


Lykkesholm Slot

Møllerup Gods

Munkegaard bryllup

Nordatlantens brygge

Bryllup i Nordsjælland

Norsminde Kro

Nørre Vosborg

Vosborg bryllupsbilleder

Bryllup Odder

Rold Gl. Kro

Rosenfeldt Gods

Rosenholm Slot

Sæbygaard bryllup

Sædding Kirke

Scandic Bygholm

Schackenborg Slotskro


Sjette Frederiks Kro


Skodsborg Kurhotel


Skrøbelev Gods

Lykkesholm Slot

Sophiendal Gods

Sonnerupgaard Gods

Sønderskov herregård

Sorup Herregård

Brudepiger og brudesvende

Staarup Hovedgaard

Store Restrup


Tirsbæk Slot


Tulstrup Kro

Ulriksholm Kro

Valdemars Slot

Valg af lokation

Vejret og naturen

Vestsjælland Bryllup

Vielse i Åbyhøj

Vielse på KBH rådhus


Vrå Slot

Wedding photographer



Kan give dig et øjeblikkeligt billede af et websteds Meta Data, samt Page og Domain ranking – installer den i din Chrome eller Firefox browser. Denne kan højst anbefales. Hent den her >> Moz Bar


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der du efter de bedste SEO tools i øjeblikket, vil det være svært at komme udenom Majestic. Det er et ældre værktøj, som konstant bliver udviklet og forbedret på alle parametre. Du betaler en fast månedlig pris for at anvende værktøjet, som har en lang række nyttige features. Med dette tool får du bl.a. adgang til Backlink Checker, Site Explorer og en lang række andre funktioner

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Jeg arbejder til dagligt med SEO, og min arbejde bliver så utroligt meget lettere, når jeg benytter de rigtige værktøjer. Jeg har dog også spildt utroligt meget tid på at bruge de forkerte – i min søgen efter de rigtige.

Se min hjemmeside her

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Sjove og anerledes bryllupsfotos #bryllupsfotograf #bryllup http://www.voresstoreja.dk

Takkekort – send takkekort til dine bryllupsgæster! Efter brylluppet sender man normalt takkekort ud til gæsterne. Et takkekort kan være et simpelt postkort-type takkekort eller det kan være et mere speciallavet takkekort med eks. foto på.


Kåret til Danmarks bedste bryllupsfotograf 2017!

https://www.voresstoredag.dk/danmarks-bedste-bryllupsfotograf/ #danmarksbedstebryllupsfotograf #bryllupsfotograf

Se Anni Mee Allerslev nøgen og alene

Lad os få genvalgt den detroniserede beskæftigelses- og integrationsborgmester Anni Mee Allerslev. Også selvom dennes bryllup blev afholdt for skatteborgernes penge, Vi svindler jo allesammen. Se bare på dronningen af England ikke? 

Vi får vores kilder fra onlineposten.dk

Foto af BT

Paparazzi fotograf søges til nøgenfotos af Anni Mee Allerslev. Efterspørgselen er blevet stor eftersom kvinden har været så ubeskriveligt meget i medierne. Desuden har hun jo en lækker krop som mange mænd gerne vil kneppe.

Info om Anni Mee Allerslev

Anna Mee Allerslev (født 10. juli 1984 i Sydkorea) var borgmester for Beskæftigelses- og Integrationsforvaltningen i Københavns Kommune for Radikale Venstre fra 1. januar 2011 til 31. oktober 2017. 

Foto: JP

Hun var formand for Djøf Studerende 2008-10 og har arbejdet i Kommunernes Landsforening, men stoppede da hun blev borgmester. Efter længere tids kritik i pressen af at hun bl.a. havde brugt Københavns Rådhus til sin egen private bryllupsreception, uden at betale noget for det, meddelte Allerslev, den 25. oktober 2017, at hun trækker sig fra politik. Det koster normalt 65.000 kr. for en bryllupsreception på rådhuset.

Kilde: wiki

Omvandrende torske-kvote

Toneangivende rumsterstang







Irritabel tyndstegsfilet

Intetsigende hornorkester

Livsglad badebold


Kylling sushi


Piano forstoppelse


Bæredygtig fedtspand


100% inkompatibel pastasalat


Geografisk velplaceret klaphat

Etbenet hornfisk

Sammenbragte våde telefonbøger

KraMpagtig pensionsmoden tåhyler

Aggressive skandalesager


8 cylinders muddermund

Farvestrålende mongol

Laktosefri homobar

Midtjysk fuglefars

Tårnhøj bankoplade

Anusfikseret støvsuger

Kvabset flødeforsamling

Udspekulerede lokumsbørste

Afdeling for uintelligente dejskraber
























































































































Katherine Waterston er en Amerikansk skuespiller, kendt for rollen Porpentina Goldstein i Fantastiske Dyr, og Hvor man kan Finde Dem, og da Daniels i Fremmede: Pagt 2017.

Se Katherine Waterston fra Alien Covenant nøgen 

Født: 3. marts 1980 (37 år), Westminster, Storbritannien

Højde: 1,8 m

Uddannelse: Tisch School of the Arts

Forældre: Sam Waterston, Lynn Louisa Woodruff

Søskende: Elisabeth Waterston, James Waterston, Graham Waterston

Katherine Waterston blev født i Westminster, London, søn af skuespiller Sam Waterston og tidligere model. Efter læring handler erhverv i skolen for kunst Tisch, new York University, hun begyndte sin karriere på skærmen, og efterfølgende dukkede op i flere uafhængige film.

I slutningen af 2000’erne, Katherine Waterston flyttede til Los Angeles, hvor han optrådte på scenen og tog på små roller i filmene “Stormen Woodstock og være Flynn”. I 2012 dukkede hun op i flere afsnit af HBO serien “boardwalk Empire”. 

Et gennembrud i hendes karriere var en birolle i 2014 film “iboende”, som indbragte hende en nominering til prisen “Sputnik”. Efter, at hun landede den ledende rolle sammen med Elisabeth moss i filmen “Queen of Earth”, samt den rolle, ex-kone af hovedpersonen i filmen “Steve jobs”.

Katherine Waterston (Alien Covenant), was born on March 3, 1980 in Westminster, London, England as Katherine Boyer Waterston. She is an actress and producer, known for Inherent Vice (2014), Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes (2016) and Steve Jobs (2015).

Katherine Waterston is an American actress known for role Porpentina Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and as Daniels in Alien: Covenant 2017.

Katherine Waterston was born in Westminster, London, the son of actor Sam Waterston and former model. After learning the acting profession in the school of arts Tisch, new York University, she began her career on the screen and subsequently appeared in several independent films.

In the late 2000s, Katherine Waterston moved to Los Angeles, where he performed on the stage and took on small roles in the films “the Storming Woodstock and being Flynn”. In 2012, she appeared in several episodes of the HBO series “boardwalk Empire”. A breakthrough in her career was a supporting role in the 2014 film “inherent Vice”, which earned her a nomination for the award “Sputnik”. After that, she landed the lead role along with Elisabeth moss in the film “Queen of Earth”, as well as the role of the ex-wife of the main character in the biopic “Steve jobs”.

Den vigtigste forudsætning for, at din hjemmeside bliver en succes er vores kendskab til dig og din virksomhed. Kontakt os helt uforpligtende og hør mere.

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Søgemaskineoptimering (på engelsk: Search Engine Optimization, forkortes SEO) er en metode eller et værktøj, hvormed man kan fremme en websides placering i diverse søgemaskiner

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) eller direkte oversat til dansk – søgemaskineoptimering handler om, at man arbejder på optimere hjemmesider til at blive mere synlige i søgemaskinerne.

Det er den korte SEO definition, som giver dig en grundlæggende forståelse for, hvad SEO i realiteten drejer sig om. SEO er et begreb inden for online markedsføring, som for alvor er blevet udbredt de seneste år. SEO kan hjælpe dig og din virksomhed med at opnå større synlighed i søgemaskinerne.

SEO optimering

SEO optimering eller søgemaskineoptimering er to begreber, der dækker over det samme. Har du brug for hjælp til SEO, vil vi naturligvis gerne hjælpe dig. Trænger din hjemmeside til at blive optimeret på SEO-fronten, så vil der altid være hjælp at hente. Der findes nemlig utallige nyttige strategier og fremgangsmåder til, hvordan man kan øge den organiske trafik til en hjemmeside. Har du også en drøm om at sælge endnu mere via organisk trafik, så bør du ikke gå glip af de muligheder, som SEO optimering åbner op for.

Google ser ud til at være test af en ny søgefunktion. Dette en er designet til at hjælpe brugere med at finde nye jobmuligheder. Dan Shure spottet denne test for søgninger på Google, der omfatter [job online], [data entry job online], [newbury street job], og så videre. Google viser jobannoncer og tager dig ind i, hvad der synes at være deres helt egen jobsøgning portal til at bore dybere ned.

Google ‘ s nye jobs produkt kunne drage fordel af alt det andet, Google ved om dig

Google ønsker at hjælpe dig med at søge jobs, og dens største fordel må være, at du bruger dens produkter til at søge efter alt andet.

Virksomheden har stille og roligt har lanceret et nyt job produkt, der hedder Google Leje, der er en del af sin suite af software applikationer til virksomheder. Ifølge Leje destinationsside, at det “hjælper dig med at administrere din virksomheds rekrutteringsproces,” som en talsmand siger omfatter værktøjer til kandidater til at indsende ansøgninger. Virksomheden har også testet en søgefunktion til job.

Google ‘ s fordel i job plads, siger Helen Poitevin, der er research director hos Gartner, der har fokus på human capital management-teknologi, er enkel: “Data.”

Traditionelle jobportaler holde styr på brugernes adfærd i deres produkter, som hjælper dem med at anbefale job, der kunne være af interesse. Men deres observationer er begrænset til deres egne hjemmesider–for eksempel, hvilke opgaver, en bruger søger efter, og hvilke links hun klikker på. Google, i modsætning hertil, har produkter, der indsamler data om, hvad folk søger på hele internettet, som de e-mail, hvor de går, og hvad de køber. Selvom Google har ikke frigivet detaljer om Leje eller sit job-søgning funktionen, er det udvalg af Google ‘ s data og produkter, der potentielt kunne gøre det muligt for virksomheden at målrette potentielle jobansøgere.

Bortset fra en destinationsside, Leje er ikke offentligt tilgængelig endnu, men links til karriere websteder af en håndfuld af teknologi virksomheder, herunder Medier, Poynt, DramaFever, SingleHop, og CoreOS, føre til jobopslag, der er hostet på hire.withgoogle.com domæne. Leje ser ud til at være et job, ansøgeren management system magen til andre, som Drivhus, og Håndtag, der ville passe ind i Googles seneste bestræbelser på at udvide sin virksomhed cloud-tjenester. Job-search-funktionen, som blev spottet af søgemaskineoptimering konsulent Dan Shure, der er knyttet til jobbet programoversigter, der er hostet på steder såsom Katolske Job Online og Glassdoor.

Google har allerede bygget et job-søgning værktøj til rekrutteringskonsulenter til at bruge i deres egne hjemmesider og produkter. I November blev der indført en tidlig udgave af en ny API for selskabet karriere sider og jobportaler, der kan forstå, for eksempel, når en kandidat søger efter en stillingsbetegnelse, at selskabet klassificerer brug af forskellige terminologier, eller når en ansøger kan blive kvalificeret til et job, som han eller hun har ikke søgt af navn.

Leje og Google ‘ s job search feature vil sandsynligvis bruge denne teknologi, men i teorien, vil det også være muligt for Google at faktor oplysninger fra andre af sine produkter ind i disse job anbefalinger. Det måske kender fra din søgehistorik, for eksempel, at du er interesseret i en bestemt type af programmeringssprog. Eller det kan se fra dit kort placering data, som du bor i nærheden af et bestemt kontor, og en faktor, der i de job, de overflader. “Dette [ville være] spændende for leje selskaber,” siger Rebecca Henderson, CEO på talent leverandør af løsninger Randstad Sourceright, taler om mulighederne for en Google Leje job bord. “Lad os sige, at du er en coffee shop, som normalt ville have problemer med at rekruttere en mobil-udvikler, og gennem alt dette vil du fundet en person, der elsker kaffe og stopper i din butik hver dag for at hente kaffe. Du vil virkelig få en pasform der.”

Grøn te kan både drikkes og tages som kosttilskud. Der findes ikke videnskabeligt bevis for, at grøn te kan forbygge kræft. Nogle undersøgelser tyder dog på, at grøn te muligvis kan have en beskyttende effekt på prostatakræft.

Grøn te

Grøn te drikkes af mange og er i almindelige mængder helt ufarligt.

Hvad er grøn te?

Grøn te er en drik, der laves af tørrede, friskplukkede blade fra Camellia sinensis planten og indtages som læske- eller medicinsk drik i især Asien.

Til forskel fra sort te standses gæringsprocessen ved fremstilling af grøn te ved at dampe bladene umiddelbart efter plukning, hvorefter de rulles og tørres. Dette sikrer et højt indhold af nogle bestemte indholdsstoffer, der hedder polyfenoler, der virker som antioxidanter.

Grøn te er gennem tiden blevet sat i forbindelse med en lang række positive helbredseffekter. Det er især de polyfenoler der hedder katekiner, som har været tilskrevet gavnlige virkninger i kroppen; den mest kendte er epigallokatekin-3-gallat (EGCG).

Grøn te indtages i forskellige former – som drik (oftest varm) eller i kosttilskud. Nogle bruger det også som ekstrakter og smører det på huden til behandling af forskellige lidelser.

Grøn te i forhold til kræft

I dyrestudier har forskerne fundet, at indholdsstofferne i grøn te kan have kræfthæmmende virkning ved at stoppe væksten af kræftcellerne samt øge celledød. Men dette finder forskerne ikke i overbevisende grad i studier hos mennesker.

Dokumentation for virkninger af grøn te hos kræftpatienter

Der findes ikke tilstrækkelig dokumentation for virkningen af grøn te hos kræftpatienter. Adskillige kliniske studier hos prostatakræftpatienter har vist modstridende resultater, og det er endnu ikke muligt at be- eller afkræfte en mulig sammenhæng.

Grøn te i samspil med kræftmedicin

Polyfenolerne i grøn te kan hæmme virkningen af bortezomib, som anvendes i behandlingen af myelomatose, en særlig kræftform i knoglemarven og i behandlingen af mantlecellelymfom.

Bivirkninger ved grøn te

Grøn te drikkes af mange mennesker, og i almindelige mængder er det helt ufarligt. Nogle reagerer dog allergisk over for grøn te. Hvis man anvender grøn te som kosttilskud eller indtager det i meget store mængder kan man få en række bivirkninger, som kvalme, diarré, opkastning eller forhøjet blodtryk.

Har grøn te en kræftforebyggende effekt?

Grøn te bliver nævnt som forebyggende i forhold til en række forskellige kræftformer. 

Forskere har i flere end 50 sammenfattende studier undersøgt, om der er en sammenhæng mellem indtagelse af grøn te og lavere risiko for at få kræft. Der er mange faktorer, der gør det vanskeligt at sammenligne resultater af studier om grøn te, bl.a. tilberedelsesmåde og den måde man indtager teen, men de samlede analyser konkluderer, at der overordnet set ikke er bevis for en beskyttende effekt på kræft.

Forskerne konkluderer dog, at der muligvis er effekt på brystkræft, tarmkræft, æggestokkekræft, prostatakræft samt lungekræft, men studierne er ikke entydige, og det må undersøges nærmere.

I 2009 blev en stor sammenfattende analyse (et såkaldt ”Cochrane review”) publiceret og fandt, at der ikke var effekt af grøn te på nogen kræftformer undtagen muligvis prostatakræft. En meta-analyse fra 2011 konkluderede også, at der var en nedsat risiko for udvikling af prostatakræft ved indtagelse af grøn te. Kliniske studier siden da har dog vist blandede resultater, og det er stadig uklart, om grøn te har en beskyttende effekt.

Infektion med HPV-virus kan hos mænd medføre kræft i munden, svælget, endetarmsåbningen (anus) og penis. Det er dokumenteret, at HPV-vaccinen hos mænd har forebyggende effekt mod forstadier til kræft i endetarmsåbningen (analkræft) og kønsvorter.

Mænd kan få kræft af HPV-virus

Infektion med HPV-type 16 og 18 kan i sjældne tilfælde medføre kræft i munden, svælget, endetarmsåbningen (anus) og penis.

Kræft i penis er en sjælden kræftform, hvor det skønnes at op imod 40-50 pct. af alle tilfælde kan skyldes HPV. Analkræft er en relativt sjælden kræftform, men cirka 90 procent af alle tilfælde skyldes infektion med HPV.

Dobbelt så mange danskere får HPV-relateret kræft i endetarmsåbningen sammenlignet med for 30 år siden, og der er flere yngre, der får sygdommen.

Endelig er en stor del af kræft i mundsvælget, herunder i mandlerne, forårsaget af HPV. Hyppigheden af kræft i mundsvælg og mandler er steget kraftigt de sidste årtier, og mænd rammes hyppigere end kvinder af disse kræftformer.

Hvad er HPV?

HPV er en seksuelt overført virus, som smitter ved intim kontakt. En HPV-infektion er som regel uden symptomer, og i de fleste tilfælde forsvinder infektionen af sig selv. Der er ingen effektiv behandling mod HPV-infektionen.

Der findes mange forskellige typer HPV, og infektion med HPV-type 16 og 18 kan blive kronisk og derefter føre til udvikling af celleforandringer og kræft, mens HPV-typerne 6 og 11 er årsag til de fleste kønsvorter (kondylomer).

I 2006 blev den første vaccine mod HPV godkendt i EU til forebyggelse af livmoderhalskræft, som er den hyppigste HPV-relaterede kræftform.

Hvis din kæreste har celleforandringer på livmoderhalsen 

Hvis ens kæreste får konstateret celleforandringer, har hun haft HPV et stykke tid, og så har manden det måske allerede selv. Mænd kan ligesom kvinder få kræft pga. en HPV-infektion, men de HPV-relaterede typer kræft, som mænd får, er imidlertid sjældnere.

Men unge seksuelt aktive mænd kan generelt vælge at blive vaccineret, da det ikke er sikkert, at de er smittet med HPV. Vaccinen beskytter mod HPV 16 og HPV 18, og selvom man er blevet smittet med det ene af de to typer virus, vil man stadig kunne opnå beskyttelse mod det andet.

Forskning har desuden vist, at kvinder der har haft f.eks. en HPV 16 infektion, før de bliver vaccineret, efter vaccinationen er bedre beskyttet mod en eventuel ny infektion med HPV 16. Vaccination har også vist sig at øge beskyttelsen og reducere antallet af nye tilfælde af forstadier til kræft betydeligt.

Er din partner smittet med HPV kan oralsex øge risikoen for kræft i mund og svælg  

Risikoen for kræft i munden eller svælget er til stede, da infektion med HPV kan ske gennem oralsex, og flere studier har vist, at der er en sammenhæng mellem HPV infektion i munden og kræft i munden og svælget, især i mandlerne. Omkring 50-80 pct. af tumorer i mundsvælget er HPV-positive.

HPV-vacciner beskytter mod to eller fire typer HPV-virus

Der er to forskellige HPV-vacciner på markedet, som begge beskytter mod HPV 16 og HPV 18. Den ene vaccine beskytter også mod HPV 6 og HPV 11.

Mænd og effekten af HPV-vaccine

Hos mænd er der dokumenteret forebyggende effekt af HPV-vaccinen mod forstadier til kræft i endetarmsåbningen (analkræft) og kønsvorter.

Man kan som dreng/ung mand godt vælge at blive vaccineret mod HPV hos egen læge. Man skal bare være opmærksom på, at HPV-vaccinen i Danmark kun tilbydes gratis til piger som en del af børnevaccinationsprogrammet, og man skal derfor selv betale for vaccinen.

Kan HPV-vaccination reducere risikoen for HPV-kræft hos mænd?

Det er vist, at HPV-vaccinen medfører samme immunrespons hos mænd og kvinder, og at vaccinen hos kvinder – udover at beskytte mod livmoderhalskræft – også beskytter mod kræft i endetarmsåbningen og kræft på og omkring kønsorganerne. Meget tyder på, at den også kan beskytte mod HPV-relateret kræft i mund og svælg.

HPV-risiko hvis man har en fast kæreste

Hvis den ene af jer har haft intim kontakt med en anden tidligere, er der en risiko for at være blevet smittet med HPV. Virus kan sidde på penis, pung, kønslæber, skeden, livmoderhals, mellemkødet, endetarmsåbning samt i munden og i svælget.

Infektion med HPV er meget udbredt i den danske befolkning, og er hyppigst hos yngre seksuelt aktive. Man kan ikke blive testet for, om man er smittet med HPV, men man kan lade sig vaccinere, så man fremadrettet ikke bliver smittet med de typer, som er indeholdt i vaccinen.

Er det muligt selv at holde øje eller at blive kontrolleret for kræft, hvis man er smittet med HPV?

Symptomerne på kræft og lægekontrollen er den samme uafhængigt af, om kræften er forbundet med HPV eller ej.