Handcrafted Portraiture and Related Art Services

For over 20 years, it has been providing individuals, families, galleries, museums, publications, collectors and corporations with the finest in photographic portraiture. We tailor each job to your desires and we listen. We offer sensitive, informed advice gained from our years of experience and provide a variety of unique services.

Our Technical Processes

We specialize in producing color, black & white and alternative process portraits of the highest quality. In addition to using medium format materials for our enlarged color and black & white prints, we use large format films for our fine art alternative process prints allowing us to explore a wide variety of 19th century hand-applied emulsion techniques on unique acid-free papers. Our black & white exhibition prints are hand enlarged on premium fine art papers and can be combined with many interesting selective toning and hand-tinting techniques.

The Consultation

Our portrait sessions are preceded by an initial consultation and portfolio viewing in our conveniently located Westmoreland-Sellwood studio. We will show you samples of our portrait styles and techniques and discuss options for your display concerns. We’ll talk about our ideas as they relate to your needs and we’ll discuss the use of locations, wardrobes and props. There’s no charge for an initial consultation. We will offer you an opportunity to own and display a unique photographic wall portrait which will provide you with viewing pleasure for years to come.