It seems lately most people hate the Paparazzi

It seems lately most people hate the Paparazzi so much they will risk their reputation to punch one of them!

In the news recently it seems the paparazzi have been getting on peoples nerves so much that they are striking out, only last week Wayne Rooney reached out to punch the paparazzi the latest in a long line of celebs who seem to have taken boxing lesons off Ricky Hatton.

But aren’t the Paparazzi just doing their job?

Paparazzi are mainly freelance photographers desperate for the one shot that will make them enough money, they can be desperate vultures and cause a lot of problems n society, but it is society that has made them. If we weren’t so desperate to see images of our favourite celebs looking good bad and ugly then they would be out of a job.

Celebrities go on about the infringement of their privacy but they wouldn’t be anywhere without the press and those shaming images that increase their popularity. I’m inclined to believe that even these lashes out at the Paps are probably just publicity stunts after all.