I think a lot of people are feeling the strain of the credit crunch, rumours of recession are cropping up in the media and living costs are creeping up. You might think this would be a bad time to set yourself up as a Professional photographer!

This is probably the best time to set yourself up, before long things may get difficult so now is the time to invest whilst money is still around. Alot of Professional photographers feel this is the ideal time to set up or invest further into their business. It is the only way to stay ahead of the game and by investing now you should be setting yourself up in case the rumours of a recession are true.

I spoke to a professional Photographer about this who has recently taken out a few loans for things like new equipment. Technology is moving fast and prices are coming down slightly and what he told me was in the next few months people will only be spending money on quality like and to keep in the game you need to have the latest equipment.







He has also used these loans to set up a studio in the center of Manchester and has used some of the loan to advertise on a smart car for his wife to drive around. He has also brought on a company to help him get to the top of Google as he told me more people will be comparing prices on the internet now they are cutting down on luxuries to make sure they are getting the best value for money.

If you are thinking of setting up yourself these are the priorities, to set yourself up so when the money gets tight your in the best position to rise above it.