Legitimate artistic form

The mainstream acceptance of images and icons from the once secretive world of S/M fantasy – dominatrixes, bondage heroines, damsels in distress, and a wealth of other characters – have helped make fetish fantasy photography a legitimate artistic form. Fetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography collects the best of this exciting genre, combining the finest contemporary images with some of photography’s most notable “pre-scene” manifestations – images from 1950s underground and bondage publications; “kinky” creations from the ’60s; and glamour work from the ’70s and ’80s.

Most of the critical reviews don’t even indicate that the writers have actually looked at the book, they just know it’s “bad” or “evil” because it suggests that children might be human beings along with all that implies. This book is a daring last line of defense against the utter pablumification and disneyfication that threatens to consume American culture. I would strongly encourage anyone to read this book to challenge the prevailing cultural mores of puritainism.

A few families have been given the gift of having their lives chronicled by a master photographer. Jock Sturges books chronicle the passage of time through the lives of several families, who are photographed naturally at a nature retreat in France. The lineage of the human family is at its most noble in these images of parents with their children, brothers with their sisters, families with friends… It is the soul of humanity and family that is depicted in Sturges’ fine work, in a manner that (thanks to its nudity) is as timeless as the human spirit itself. Propagandistic attacks upon his work because of the natural nudity are, while perhaps honestly felt, are misplaced.

Dedicated to one of photography’s most challenging and controversial subjects

Dedicated to one of photography’s most challenging and controversial subjects, this third volume in a compelling series contains the best recent work from around the world, presented in immaculate reproductions on premium paper stock. The grace and vulnerability of the nude form are shown in both rich color and classic black-and-white interpretations by many distinguished photographers, including the legendary Herb Ritts. 200 illustrations.

Sensual, mysterious and alluring images of the female by a photographer

Sensual, mysterious and alluring images of the female by a photographer whose pioneering work has played a prominent role in the advancement of the camera as an art medium. These elegant black-and-white photographs, taken between 1935 and 1951, are at once timeless and serene, pulling the observer into a quiet place where past and present merge in a celebration of beauty found in the human body. 50 illustrations.

This is ‘THE’ Hamilton book to own! I have never seen anything so beautiful and classical as this before. Hamilton is a true master artist and this book shows the depths to which he explores his art. As one other reader said, when you see the pages of this book unfold before you, you feel as if you are entering a classical landscape of beauty and enchantment. Hamilton is a great photographer and his landscapes and nudes show us the erotic and mystical in our world. Buy this book. It is worth every penny.

the innovative

Christopher Grey explains in detail how he created the innovative, sometimes abstract, black-and-white figure studies that are the focus of this book. He includes descriptions of the lighting setups, poses, backgrounds, props, etc., but also adds extra information often lacking in this kind of book: He outlines the perils, legal and otherwise, of shooting nudes outdoors, and the steps he takes to avoid problems; discusses the nuances of compostion; talks about his and his models’ attitudes toward the shots; and generally lets the reader look over his shoulder while he makes his photographs.

photos starting

For only $22 you get an extensive collection of female erotic photos starting from the beginnings of photography (mostly anonymous classics), continueing into the middle of this century (Man Ray, etc.) and ending with modern photographers (Bob Carlos Clarke, etc.). Some photos are very subtle, some are explicit, and some are downright disturbing. The book provides a complete view on the history of the erotic photography and it’s connection to the general cultural trends.

His new work often has an almost theatrical effect on the viewer-seeming to emanate directly from the lives of the artist’s models. The settings, the subjects, the sumptuous lighting will all be familiar to longtime admirers of Sturges’ ongoing body of work. As his experience as a photographer has deepened and his relationships with his growing subjects spans decades of collaboration, both subjects and photographer have found more to say to each other. The new photographs include diptychs of clothed/nude models, pictures of true mutual trust, as well as never-before seen color photographs!

I am an beginner when it comes to photography

I am an beginner when it comes to photography. I wanted a book that had details from equipment, lighting techniques, to picking a model. Shows the picture with a description of how the equipment was arranged, and what was used. A great book at a great price.

With careful arrangement and stylish writing free of art-critic blather of an almost intimidatingly wide range of works. From 19th-century erotica to the publicized images of the 1990s, photo curator Ewing offers a rich, involving archive of images culled from worldwide collections that presents an exciting, provocative record of the camera’s infatuation with the human figure. Over 360 duotone and color photos.

taking photographs

This is the first comprehensive publication on American photographer Jock Sturges (b.1947) compiled by the artist himself. It is nothing less than an ode to beauty. For more than 20 years, he has been taking photographs of girls growing up, both in his native California and at a nudist resort on the Atlantic coast of France. Nudity in Sturges’ work has never been a cheap or tawdry gimmick, rather it is shown as human being’s natural state. His photographs are an expression of the trust he has established over the years with the girls and their families.

Jock Sturges creates images, not of nude adolescence, but of emotion, power, and beauty. He has captured generations with his camera, showing images from childhood to adulthood. More so, Jock has achieved what many photographers and arts cannot. He has attained that trust and opened up the emotion of his subjects. If one looks his subjects eyes and face, rather then just shallowly looking a “young nude child,” you can see the real power of Jock’s work

Francesco Scavullo is one of the leading image-makers of the last half century-a photographer whose celebrity portraits and glamorous fashion work helped create the look of an entire era. Along the way, he has also shot many nudes-striking, sensuous images that are inimitably Scavullo. Now, for the first time, a group of these nudes are presented in one stunningly designed volume.

photography features

This arresting collection of photography features work by both Helmut Newton and his wife, actress Alice Springs. Newton’s coolly elegant and sexy studies are splendidly counterbalanced by Springs’s warmer and more vulnerable pieces. The book is divided into three sections: two “Us” sections, in which Newton and Springs alternately photograph themselves and each other, and a final “Them” chapter that features subjects photographed differently by each photographer.

The 10 supermodels in the photographs on these pages are extraordinary, extended earthlings who look as if they’ve been pulled at both ends like saltwater taffy. If the book title seems to suggest that it is the ambitious photographer, fashion shutterbug Peter Lindbergh, who created them rather than they who inspired him with their raw material, well, let him dream. His 108 sensual and appreciative black-and-white photos do beautiful justice to these stunning young women.

I believe this to be the absolute best book on glamour lighting for someone who is serious about doing glamour photography. I am a serious working photographer who does quite a bit of glamour photography, and I find the lighting techniques presented in this book to be excellent.

I have always wanted to take nude photographs, but I never knew how to get models, what to pay them, or any of the other details needed to get started. This book is not for seasoned fine art photographers, but rather for those of us interested in the genre but lacking the know how to do it.

A very well done book that gives great insight into the process a photographer uses in photographing and working with models…supplies the reader with lots of ideas in a very readable and enjoyable form. All the images have information on how they were taken and the equipment used.

For photographers and digital graphic artists

For photographers and digital graphic artists, this book covers a variety of styles and techniques primarily using Adobe Photoshop. Topics covered include: getting started in digital imaging, taking photographs to manipulate, inputting photos, using imaging software, using digital filter effects, compositing photos, and marketing your images.

I am an beginner when it comes to photography. I wanted a book that had details from equipment, lighting techniques, to picking a model. Shows the picture with a description of how the equipment was arranged, and what was used. A great book at a great price.

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