Successful photographers have a particular style of post processing for their images. This “style” is a signature that defines their product from other photographers. However, this doesn’t mean that they spend hours upon hours figuring out how to unify every single image. What gives?
Many pros have transitioned from using PhotoShop for every single image, to “preset editing” in Lightroom and using Photoshop for select editing. In fact, Lightroom is equipped with handling “Presets” that can save you an abundance of time and energy during your editing.

With little more than a click of your mouse you can both use and create these presets.

Choose an edited photo you love.

Go to Lightroom’s Develop Module

Check out the panel on the left hand side. At the top of the navigator you will find the Presets option. Lightroom comes with a set of presets for you to start with.

Find the “+” sign. Click this.

A box will pop up, directing you to checkmark all the settings you want to include in your preset. Check mark all if you are not sure what you want. You can make a new preset later if you want a variation.

Name the preset [btw, it helps to name the preset by something that will help you remember what it is. For instance, use, “high contrast color” rather than, “awesome.”]

Scroll down and you will find the option for “User Presets”. This is the category where you will find your newly created preset.

Select another photo. Choose the preset in your user preset list and viola! Your photo is set! [Note: you may need to adjust the preset based on the photo’s original exposure, color, etc.]

Following up from her recent post about How to Create Adobe Lightroom Presets – today Christina shares a few sites to get great Presets.
You’ve decided to play around with Adobe Lighroom’s Presets. However, you want to spend neither a few hundred dollars purchasing them or dozens of hours developing them.
Check these sites out for some free downloads:
Presets Heaven : Offers presets and training!

Wonder Land Presets : Packages with over a dozen free presets!

On One Software : Fantastic package of 85 presets!

Inside Lightroom : Color, black and white, and calibration presets.

Gantico : Releases a new set of presets every few months.

Lightroom Blog : A variety of user presets.

640 Pixels : A package of 15 color, black and white, and split tone presets.

XEQUALS : Really fun site that connects users through presets!