We send this email to our entire data base, just to remind that Extended Closing Date is 20 Dec 2015! If you have not submitted your entry, you have only 3 days to submit your entry.If you already submitted your entry, kindly login to the site, go to “My Images” and check if your photos uploaded correctly. Also check your profile information.

If the only way you may pay is PayPal, send me an email, so I manage your payment via PayPal.

US$ 5.000! Prize money, 130 awards, an invitation for main winners to the opening in Tehran/Iran and a fabulous 112-page catalogue book (FIAP 5 stars) for each participant is waiting! 

We received several emails requesting to explain more about the definitions in different sections. So please read below:


A. Open Monochrome

B. Open Color (Only Color)

C. My City

D. Environment

E. Traditions, Cultural Heritage & Tourism

F. Agriculture & Food industries 

Definitions in Short:

C. My City: Landscapes of city (Cityscapes), People at work in a city, City life & any photo showing a city.

D. Environment: Landscape, Nature, Wild life, Environmental Pollutions.

E. Traditions, Cultural Heritage & Tourism: Divides to 3 subjects:

E1.Traditions: National or Religious Traditions

E2.Cultural Heritage: Architectures & Cultural Heritage sites, Handicrafts

E3.Tourism: Attracting place for tourists such as: Nature, Landscape, Cityscape, Seascape, Modern Touristic Places such as Shopping Centers, Towers, Amusement Park, Zoo & etc.

G. Agriculture & Food industries: The core subject is food. So you may send Landscape of farms, People working at farm or food factories, Relationship between human beings and food, the joy of eating, any picture from agriculture, food industry, markets & restaurants. 


In open sections, entrants can enter photos with any kind of theme: for example: portrait, people, nature, wildlife, landscape, architecture, still-life photography, digital imaging, HDR photos, etc.

In addition, because “Omar Khayyam” was a famous Persian Astronomer, we have included the special theme of “Astronomy” in all Sections.

Monochrome images may not be entered in the Open Color Section.

Astronomy Definition: We mean photos of Landscapes at night in which the main subject is any subject relating to Astronomy like, stars, Moon & etc.

My City Definition: Show us your city, its people & culture, city life & Cityscape. By cityscape photograph (urban landscape) we mean a landscape photograph showing the physical aspects of a city or urban area.

Environment Definition: Positive aspects of the environment such as landscape, natural history and wildlife, also of environmental pollutions.

Agriculture & Food industries Definition: By this we mean photographs of the following subjects with, the emphasis on food: Relationship between human beings and food, the joy of eating, Agriculture (raising of crops, livestock and seafood); Manufacturing, including agrichemicals, agricultural construction, farm machinery and supplies, seed, etc; Food processing, including the preparation of fresh products for market, and manufacture of prepared food products. Food Marketing, including the promotion, advertising, marketing campaigns, packaging, etc. of food: Wholesale and Distribution, including logistics, transportation, warehousing, foodservice (including catering), grocery, farmers’ markets, public markets and other retailing.